Join the Spelling Revolution

Smart Speller is a revolutionary new educational tool guaranteed to improve spelling and increase vocabulary!

Isn't it about time we thought differently about how people learn to spell?

Even though all the research tells us it’s not the best way to learn, most of the tools available to teachers are impersonal and based on rote learning. There desperately needs to be a breakthrough.

The research has always clearly indicated how students should learn to spell and finally a team of globally renowned educational experts have developed the breakthrough in technology that makes this possible - For everyone!

Smart Speller leverages the tools you already use to create a powerful, personalised learning experience, addressing the exact words you or your learner do and do not know how to spell.

Smart Speller works alongside of your child to gauge their spelling frontier and provide opportunities for improvement and expansion, all within Word.

Smart Speller runs inside of Word - Join the Revolution

Look, Cover, Write, Check!



See the word you already tried to spell and the sentence it was contained in.



The word is then hidden from your view.



Write your answer in the area provided.



Check to make sure you got it right!

Practice inside of Word!

Get ready for a revolution in spelling

Imagine if every student had their own personal tutor, who knew the words they can spell, the ones they struggle with, and used that knowledge to empower each individual with strategies to take control of their own learning.

Imagine if every teacher could see a dashboard with each child’s individual word challenges and successes.

Imagine if scientifically backed games and activities were embedded within the tool so students could be empowered to improve.

Smart Speller is a technologically creative yet simple approach to improving spelling for anyone.

Many ways to practice

Smart Speller will keep an eye to see when you use your words correctly, but if you make a mistake and want to practice there's plenty of options!


Classic Look Cover Write Check

Simply hide the word from sight! see if you can remember it correctly.


The Shuffle

The word is shuffled and you have to correctly spell it using the available letters!


Boxed Up!

Boxed Up places boxes around the letters denoting the shape of the word and individual letters. This approach of Look Cover Write Check has seen great results for dyslexic learners.


Plenty of Activities

All activities personalised to you, including word search, memory flip, flash cards, word clouds and smart practice!

Find new ways to expand your vocabulary!

Smart Speller knows the words you know, and how you use them. Using our personalised suggestions, you can easily expand your vocabulary. Our personalised suggestion contains the definitions and example usages to help you get started. Each time you use a suggestion in your work, we’ll find the next one, constantly evolving until you know every word!

Your profile also contains valuable information, including your vocabulary size and progression over time, allowing you to at a glance see how frequently you’re using new word and what that means to you as a learner.

  • Personalised suggestions on new words to learn and include.
  • Vocabulary evaluation & visualisation.
  • Prompted areas for improvement while working.
  • See and calculate your Spelling Age.
Practice inside of Word!

What can Smart Speller do?

Using powerful algorithms, machine learning and analytics, Smart Speller can...

  • Empower individuals with a personalised learning pathway and feedback
  • Quantify each individual's ability and improvement
  • Empower and motivate students to continuously improve
  • Enable teachers to personalise literacy / spelling programs
  • Proactively understand and improve a student's vocabulary
  • Effortlessly personalises spelling in an engaging way

Smart Speller transforms your student's literacy with a totally passive learning approach. Just doing what they already do but with the help of a powerful, virtual coach who uses the most effective proven teaching methods to help them along.